For professionals

AddVueConnect lets you create a safe and secured ecosystem per relationship and per contract. You decide which internal and external users to allow access to this system. By using the AddVueConnect modules and features, partnerships are made fully transparent. Together with your stakeholders and contracting parties, you work to improve performance and manage risks. Your expenditure efficiency accountability is in perfect order with AddVueConnect.
For professionals
For professionals

AddVueConnect is the most powerful solution for:

  • Governments (including social domains)
  • Healthcare and Social Welfare
  • Trade and Industry
  • Real Estate, Construction, and Civil Engineers
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Banking, Insurance and Pension funds
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Human Resources and Education 

AddVueConnect supports Quality Management Systems like ISO 9001, ISO 20001, 270001 ISAE 3402 and many others. The principles of quality management (plan-do-check-act) are firmly anchored into AddVueConnect.

AddVueConnect makes modern management theories practical. Consider ©CATS CM, Best Value Procurement and Vested. Building a bridge from theory to practice has never been easier.



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