Organising compliance

For the contract manager, compliance is the assessment of contracts to ensure they meet existing regulations and legislation. Another of the contract manager’s tasks is to review whether the organisation’s internal rules and procedures have been upheld. In case of issues, the contract manager must be able to demonstrate proportionate action. If such is not possible, your organisation may be faced with financial or business continuity risks. Substantial fines, such as those imposed by the GDPR, are also among the possibilities.
Organising compliance
Organising compliance

Watchdogs are calling for increased attention to compliance. AddVueConnect heads that call. All information is available at a single location. Performance and risk management are integrated, and contract party partnerships are displayed in a transparent manner. This enables a continuous dialogue with regard to risk and performance, and to improvement action item and risk measure follow-ups. The principles of Quality Management (plan-do-check-act) are firmly anchored into AddVueConnect.



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