The cost efficient, highly scalable, most effective, post award CLMS

AddVue is an innovative platform for professional contract managers. This one-of-a-kind software program is the result of our decades of experience in Contract Administration and Contract and Supplier Management.

Ensuring compliance

Data driven

Effective and efficient

Impactful customized solutions

Creating value

For professionals

Why AddVue?

AddVue offers an independent and dedicated Cloud based SaaS solution suite wich can be fully integrated with your own identification and authorisation systems (IAM). 

In addition, we offer full compliance with Cloud security measures fot in-Cloud collaboration. This ensures worry-free sharing of sensitive information with external parties. No more need to exchange information via unsecure email messages. AddVue makes your business fully GDPR-compliant.

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The next generation Contract Life Cycle Management Software (CLMS)

In a time when nearly all organisational processes are undergoing change, existing partnerships do not always appear able to be future-proof.

Clients and contractors are no longer exactly in line. This is why modern contracts call for a sense of connection in particular. The end goal is to create value while keeping mutual interests in mind – with the contract as the basis. All parties need to move with the dynamic environment in which they operate.

In other words: contracts do not work; people work. This vision has served as our basis for developing AddVue. We want to be the best platform for contract and supplier management.

From simple Contract Administration to Complex Purchasing contracts; AddVue can be used to facilitate management at all levels of contractual partnerships. This website offers more information on our one-of-a-kind software. Please feel free to contact us for a no-strings-attached demo.

The power of our software

Ensuring compliance
Purchasing ratios of 50% and more are now commonplace in both the business community and the government. As a result, compliance will play an increasingly important role. What does this mean for your organization and the work of the contract manager?
Data driven
We take care of the integration of Enterprise applications and Cloud data. We do this not only for your own environment, but also that of suppliers. For example, AddVue offers a platform for Multicloud integration, flexible and cost-effective.
Effective and efficient
Have you ever wondered how much information a contract manager produces and how much time it takes? You will probably spend more time searching for the right information than you thought. That can be more effective.
Impactful customized solutions
AddVue has powerful modules and features. From managing contracts to risk management and benchmarking. Choose which functions you apply per contract and supplier.
Creating value
Contract management is not just about fulfilling rights and obligations that are laid down in an agreement. The world of contract management is much more dynamic. What does this mean for the contract manager?
For professionals
AddVue lets you create a safe and secured ecosystem per relationship and per contract. You decide which internal and external users to allow access to this system. By using the AddVue modules and features, partnerships are made fully transparent.


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