Impactful customized solutions

AddVueConnect offers the most powerful solutions for professional contract
administrators and contract managers. Below is a brief description of the product portfolio.

Impactful  customized solutions
Impactful  customized solutions

Relationship and partnership management
Use AddVueConnect to create your own ecosystem (network) of suppliers and contracts. Easily create links to your organisational goals. Offer internal and external users access to parts of the network. Share information for improved insight and performance.

Contract Administration
Create your own contract templates and register contracts and contracted agreements. AddVueConnect automatically generates email alerts for timely contract termination or extension. Moreover, our contract administration module lets you flexibly develop various types of forms: from information sets and checklists to questionnaires. Data is no longer scattered across separate forms, but is stored in the AddVueConnect database. Performing cross vendor analyses is easy.

Action items and documents
Document and tasks are stored in the secure AddVueConnect environment. Action owners can then be assigned. Documents are uploaded by users and can be shared with others, if needed.

Discussions are documented in AddVueConnect. No more need to search through notes now that AddVueConnect offers instant insight into all meetings held and decisions made.

Performance Management
AddVueConnect documents and relates performance agreements to contracted goals. Results are reported and reviewed. Failure to perform leads to improvement action items. Our catalogue of services makes it easy to recycle performance agreements and monitoring.

Risk Management
Purchasing products and services from the market may cause your organisation’s risks to fall into the hands of your suppliers. The AddVueConnect Risk Management module ensures your risks remain manageable. Risks are documented, risk indicators are reported, and actions taken are put into relation.

AddVueConnect offers extensive dashboard functionality. This functionality provides users with insight into a contract’s partnership quality and risk profiles.

The AddVue Benchmark compares performances by similar suppliers – providing you with insight into which supplier offers superior or inferior performance, and indicating who to pay attention to.

Enterprise & multi-cloud data integration and analysis
AddVueConnect enables data-driven contract management by obtaining information from the source systems or Clouds of both your organisation and from those of the suppliers. This information is integrated and published on the secure AddVueConnect network.

Additional functionality:
• Personal My AddVue landing page;
• Metadata management for compiling your own metadata sets;
• Extensive overviews and reports;
• Extensive export facilities;
• Message page and personal notes;
• Contact registration;
• AddVueDynamics for direct insight into platform content updates;
• Weekly email reminders;
• Multifactor Authentication;
• Extensive release agenda, including a mobile platform (2021);
• and much moreA

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