In order to manage large-scale national contracting for reintegration and education services, UWV Werkbedrijf uses AddVue.

As of the most recent count, the contract and supplier management of over 3,000 suppliers and 5,000 contracts is performed using AddVue. Of those suppliers, 1,000 have access to AddVue to exchange information themselves.

ERP order information is shared. Automated performance assessment, dashboarding, and benchmarking take place in AddVue.

The decentralisation of the Dutch Social Support Act and Youth Care to municipalities has resulted in a substantial shift within the social domain. However, there appears to be significant variation in terms of the administration and management of contracts by municipalities. This has led to vast coordinating efforts in terms of Contract Management.

Thanks to AddVue’s proactive and transparent processes, the complexity of contract management is substantially reduced. The program lets one manage the contracts of both clients and subcontractors. By working from a chain perspective, Parnassia Groep is able to provide high customer value as significantly lower administration fees

Since its founding in 1860, Eno health insurance company has been focussing on people and their health. Eno wants to make a substantial contribution to its members’ lives every day by guaranteeing them access to appropriate, affordable, and accessible care – now and in future. Eno inspires and facilitates the strive for optimum health.

Properly functioning suppliers make an important contribution to realising these ambitions. To facilitate the continued professionalisation of their Contract Administration and Contract Management, Eno has chosen AddVue’s innovative software. Well-functioning suppliers make an important contribution to realizing these ambitions. For the further professionalization of Contract Management and Vendor Management, Eno has opted for the innovative software from AddVue.

Servicecenter Drechtsteden has studied the most suitable solution for contract and supplier management. Their studies have shown that AddVue offers by far the best solutions for the profound professionalisation of contract and supplier management.

AddVue has also been established as offering powerful support for the ©CATS CM-methodology for contract management as embraced by Drechtsteden. In addition, AddVue supports the essentials of ©CATS CM.

AddVue is used for the administration and management of both client and
supplier contracts.

A market study by CIZ has shown that the solutions offered by AddVue are the best match for CIZ’s ambitions in terms of Contract and Vendor Management. Moreover, AddVue meets the compliance and governance demands set by the accountant.



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