Contract management: quality is at the front end

Successful contract management requires careful preparation before a contract can be implemented. A solid preparation lays the foundation for successful contract execution. In this contribution, I will discuss the role of contract managers in the preparation phase,mainly in two areas: Contracting Contract Governance Contracting Before a contract is signed and implemented during the contracting phase, […]

Contract management: what is it (and what is it not)?

In my previous contribution, I addressed the significantly increased environmental dynamics and hence complexity of contract management. In my upcoming contributions, I will discuss how contract managers can address these challenges by following a series of steps. Before we proceed, I would like to examine the scope of contract management first. I have noticed that […]

Contract management is a dynamic process (and it is becoming increasingly complex)

Contact management is a relatively new and rapidly evolving field of management. Whereas in the past the focus was primarily on contract registration and timely contract termination or renewal, the work of modern contract managers encompasses a lot more. Using qualitative and quantitative tools such as KPI’s and risk assessments, the extent to which contractual […]



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